Video 4: How much biodiversity do we really know?

Do we know all species that exist on earth? No, but perhaps we can make an estimation on the ammount of species that may possibly exist using taxonomy. From The Ladder of Nature via bestiaries to Linneas to understand worldwide biodiversity. How many organisms are out there? Estimations ranging between 3.000.000 and 100.000.000 species. Species […]

Video 3: Studying biodiversity in the lab

Studying specimens in the labaratory using catalog numbers, connecting metadata with the specimens. Geo-referencing and labeling the sample. Do not label only on species name, because this name may change based on future knowledge. Data-tracebility based on correct data entry, using modern computing technlogy is important to avoid mixing up data.

Video 2: Field Methods for Documenting Biodiversity

This is the second video in the Khan Acedemy series on Biodiversity. This series being very relevant for anyone studying biodiversity is the reason for embedding the following video’s as well. Asuming this content will stay online and available, the series is being shared at this site. The second video is about Field Methods for […]

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