Functional dispersion (FDis)

FDis measures the weighted mean distance of individual species to their weighted centroid, where weights are their relative abundances


Laliberte E. and Legendre P.

Published in

Ecology, 91(1), 2010, pp 299-305


From 0 to 1 (with standardized trait prior to compute)


Do not satisfy monotonicity criterions ((i.e., a subset of a community should be no more diverse than the whole community)


Little influenced by species richness, can be compute for any distance or dissimilarity measure, can handle any number of types of traits (quantitative and semi-quantitative) and missing trait values, is not strongly influenced by outliers, takes into account species relative abundances

Main characteristics

Multivariate analogue of weighted mean absolute deviation

R Package


R Package description


Studies that used this index


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